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Documentary series: It's all in my Head

by Etinosa Yvonne. Not for Sale

Have a glimpse at a great example of digital storytelling we would like to share with you: “It’s all in my head” by Nigerian storyteller Etinosa Yvonne. In her project she examines the coping mechanisms employed by survivors of terrorism and violent conflict in Nigeria; she hopes to enable her protagonists to obtain better, long-term access to psychological support.



Some of the survivors have experienced brutal violence – to their possessions, their families or their own bodies. Many of them are still unable to speak about their experiences. Etinosa Yvonne has been working as a documentary photographer and visual artist since 2017. She sees photography as a means to social change and uses the power of visual storytelling to sensitise, educate and inform people about the topics that are close to her heart.



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It's all in my Head - In Progress (documentary Series)

By Etinosa Yvonne ★ ★ ★ | NIGERIAN, Origin Nigeria , Currently in Abuja, Nigeria, Year released: 2020, Photography, Original Artwork
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Online Exhibition:
Title: It's all in my Head - in progress (Documentary Series)
Medium: Photography
Year: 2020


Curator: EmilomoInstagram #ARTMAZON_Emilomo


It’s All In My HEAD - in progress

It’s All In My Head, is a multimedia project that explores the coping mechanisms of survivors of terrorism and violent conflict in Nigeria. The project aims to advocate for increased and long-term access to psychosocial support for the survivors which in turn will improve their mental health.

In the last two decades, Nigeria has witnessed varying degrees of terrorism and violent conflicts. Whenever there is an attack, humanitarian organizations, government agencies and others focus on providing relief materials, setting up make shift clinics, temporary housing and schools. Although the aforementioned are very necessary, however, little priority is given to assessing the mental health of survivors.

Relevant authorities in Nigeria are striving to rid the country of all forms of extremism, terrorism and violent conflict, through ongoing peace building efforts, counterterrorism and the likes; however, the survivors of these attacks are often left behind as very little is done to address their mental health and the trauma experienced from such horrific experiences. Without much support, the survivors make strong individual efforts to move past the trauma of the things they witnessed and carry on living their lives.

In the last two years I have worked with over forty survivors of terrorism and violent conflict in Nigeria. It is interesting to know that while these survivors find a way to rebuild and adjust to their new lives, many of them never get to talk about their experiences. Thus, the idea of "moving on” can be considered to be a charade as they are stuck in the past while trying to start over.
A lot of the survivors’ struggle with depression, PTSD, and vengeful thoughts, while others have found solace in their existence and religion.

I started this project to draw the attention of society to the state of mind of some of these survivors.

In It’s All In My Head, I explore how these survivors struggle to move on by using layered portraits (still images & videos) of the survivors and the things that they do to help them move forward or otherwise


Artist / Producer

By Etinosa Yvonne ★ ★ ★ | NIGERIAN


Country of origin:
Origin Nigeria
Current Location :
Currently in Abuja, Nigeria


Year released :
  • Photography
Type (Original or Reproduction):
Original Artwork





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