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How it works & Guide to Features

ARTMAZON™ is an Elite Art platform with a particular focus on high yield Modern & Contemporary Artwork of Artists of African descent. In Complements, we accept Artwork of African inspired elements, subjects and aesthetics, whether or not created by none Africans.

To achieve this primary objective, we provide an online gallery for Exhibitions & Auctions and a platform for African artists who wish to present their works to Buyers and Collectors on an International Platform.

Our goal is to represent talented New & Noteworthy, Trending Emerging, Critically-Acclaimed and Blue Chip Artis from Africa and of African descent in the diaspora.

On and ARTMAZON™ Exhibitions, work by established names sits alongside those by emerging and aspiring artists in all manner of genres, styles, and mediums. We hope that you enjoy Art Listings and our Exhibitions as much as we enjoyed bringing this diverse collection of work together. 


How it works for Curators of Artist, Sellers & Art Collector-Dealer.

If you an Artists, Seller & Art Collector-Dealer, you can submit your portfolio online by creating a Seller account. 

Use the link below to Apply for a Curator, Seller Account: For Collectors, Independent Artists and Galleries.  Designed for Curators working with Visual & Photo Artists, Art Collectors and Galleries. Curators can set up an Online Gallery with back-end Admin Access to Expertly Curate Artworks, organise or Display in Minutes





Portfolio Submission requirements to be prepared:

  1. At least 2 images of your artwork. (full shot and one clearly showing the area with a signature)
  2. Artwork title, year, medium, materials and dimensions (as required on the attached COA which would be attached to a sales receipt, if the Artwork is sold by ARTMAZON).
  3. Images must be Jpeg, smaller than 2MB
  4. Your biography (a short statement about yourself and your goals).

If it’s a right fit with ARTMAZON, we’ll be in touch with you. Every submission is carefully considered.

Please note that all Artwork must be a one-of-a-kind Original piece, derived from the named Artist observation, imagination or sketch. This may not be a replica or reproduction by any process without the expressed written permission of the Artist. All Copyrights and Reproduction Right are retained by the Artist.


How it works for Buyers

ArtWork page Features 1 - 27. Guide

1. This shows the Title of the Artwork on display on this listing page.

2. This shows the ARTMAZON CODE, which is a uniquely assigned Code where the first and second set of data denotes the location of the Artwork (Country and State) and the third set of data denotes the initials of the Curator along with other data specific to this Art listing. This system of code is designed to make it easy to track and identify the artwork on ARTMAZON, online and would also be applied on the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) of the Artwork if the artwork is sold on the ARTMAZON platform. Click here for more information on COA

3. This section shows important specifications of the artwork on display, ie the name of the Artist, the size of the artwork, the year of production, the medium and the current location of the artwork.

4. This section of the page shows the Curator of the listed artwork, with some details and links of the Curator. From these links, you can follow an ARTMAZON Certified Associate Curator's Instagram hashtag, the second link is to a page where you can find all other artworks curated by this curator on ARTMAZON.


Are you a Curator? Let's Talk! find out more about our Curator Job opportunities. visit



5. This shows the thumbnails of other images on this particular artwork page.

 The other images are typically the following;

  1. How the artwork will look like on a mockup frame. 
  2. Close up view of the Artist signature and the year of release.
  3. or Mockup in a gallery or room.

6. These are a set of tools that allow you to perform the following;

  1. allows you to go back to a previously viewed page. 
  2. this feature is a link to our customer service form, it allows you to send a direct mail for enquiry as regards this artwork and page. 
  3. allows you to make a comment, recommendation or suggestion. 
  4. allows you to flag an error on this artwork.
  5. and this is a direct link to your Wish list.

7. This is a link to a comment box that allows you to comment or recommend this artwork for a future exhibition, art fair or auction Event.


8. This dropdown menu allows you to select between Making a full payment or using the ARTMAZON Art finance. The art finance plan is made available on a case to case basis, T&Cs apply. For more information on ARTMAZON at finance email: [email protected]

9. This is a field that allows you to add a Referral ID, and this applies only if you are adding this artwork to cart. The Referral ID is the phone number (including the country code) of the sales agent or affiliate who recommended you to this ArtWork. By sending us these details we would be able to track this agent in order to reward them accordingly. If you are interested in joining our affiliate program please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected]

10. This is a live chat application that can be found in the curated supported pages, that enables an ARTMAZON Certified Associate Curator to provide further guidance and live support for buyers, as a service to the Artist. 

11. This is an AddThis sharing tool that allows you to share this art page with contacts on other social media pages. 

12.  This feature shows artworks that are up for Auction and the duration of which the Auction would last.

13. This is the search box, By clicking, it takes you to collect African artworks pages. Here you can Explore all the art pages from last updated to the first.

14.  This is the Search box on the artmazon Online Platform, here you can search the entire platform using the Artmazon COA (Certificate of Authenticity) Code or a Keyword. eg Name of Artist, Medium or Country.


15. Making full payment today? this Thumbnail allows the buyer/collector to select a payment option available for immediate purchase.

16. Shows images of previously viewed artworks on the platform on the. 

17. The refresh button allows you to refresh the art page to load the enquiry availability form.

18. This is the Gallery Enquiry form, here you can send a message to confirm the availability of the artwork on the Art page.

19. The “Add to Cart” button gives you the experience you get with your shopping cart in a supermarket, you can pick up whatever Artwork you want into your cart and then pay for all of them at one time, instead of paying for each item separately over and over again. This saves time and repeated payments, as it allows you to add multiple artworks to make one payment.

An option Box with two buttons (A. View cart or B. Checkout) would pop up briefly, you can wait for it to self-close or you can follow the buttons as shown in Feature 26. and 27. Below 

Button A. VIEW CART - This opens a new window where you can see all the products you have added to your cart.

Button B. CHECKOUT - This opens a new window where you can complete the order process. You would be given the option to sign in as a registered customer or check out as a guest customer.

20.  This feature allows you to make a bid on an Artwork in Auction or allows you to make a counteroffer to the list price of an Artwork available on the Art page by creating a form option. Click here for more details 

21. This feature allows you to save this artwork to your Wish list.


Feature 22 - 25 are extensions of feature 20 Above (PLACE A BID OR AN OFFER)  Click here for more details 

  • 22. Input contact name and bid/offer in the preferred currency 
  • 23. Input contact Number
  • 24. Input contact email address
  • 25. Submit the form, and within the shortest possible time, a customer care representative will make contact should the Bid/offer be granted or with reasons if declined.


Prompt 26. This opens a new window that gives you the option to signup to be registered customer or check out as a guest customer

Prompt 27. This opens a new window where you can see all the products you have saved in your cart


Please feel free to use the POST COMMENT link below to post recommendations, questions or any related messages below. We are also currently building our database of Frequently asked questions (FAQs), please help us narrow down on the most relevant questions to answer as a priority, by posting your questions here.

Thank You.


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