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How it works: Features 20. (PLACE A BID OR AN OFFER)

As a Collector or Buyer on ARTMAZON, you can now easily make offers on Artwork you love, and the price of the Art could be amended personally for you if your offer is accepted by the Artists. 

In the past months, as a response to the Current pandemic resulting in reduced activity in Art Events: Auctions & Exhibitions, our [Place a BID or Make an OFFER] 'Quick Form' for the ARTMAZON Online Auction/ Exhibition feature is becoming quite a Trend and gaining a lot of traction from our Elite collectors and buyers. 

How does it work?
Simple, ...without needing to logging into your ARTMAZON™️ account you can go straight ahead to using this feature (No. 20 on the How it works list). Just click on the [Place a BID or Make an OFFER] button to load the quick easy to use Form which serves both functions, i.e. placing a bid for the Artwork on the ARTMAZON Online Auction or making an offer for an outright acquisition of the ArtWork.



Feature 22 - 25. are extensions of feature 20. Above. 


  • 22. Input contact name and bid/offer in the preferred currency 
  • 23. Input contact Number
  • 24. Input contact email address
  • 25. Submit the form, and within the shortest possible time, a customer care representative will make contact should the Bid/offer be granted or with reasons if declined.

On the 'Quick Form', just Add Contact name and the maximum amount you are willing to pay on the first field (please remember to include £, $, C$,€ or ₦. eg. (John Doe: £1,000.00).

It's quick and simple we'll take it from there on your behalf, handling all artists negotiations for you! 

So, on a nutshell, you can make your offer on the specific ART pages Quick Form, and if your offer is considered, an ARTMAZON™️ agent would get back on the phone number you have added on the second field to advise you accordingly.  

Please note that the item will remain available to other purchasers while your offer is pending (verified, and validated for acceptance). On this note, if you wish to secure the purchase of the Artwork at that point, you should go-ahead to add this item to your Cart using the [Art to Cart] button. If you need details on how that works please see Feature 19. on the How it works page.

Feel free to use the ARTMAZON™️ 'Quick Form' to [Place a BID or Make an OFFER] today, and remember that you can always return to update your Bid or offer freely and without hassle, the 'Quick Form' system would consider the most recent entry as your bid or offer.


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