"We are Putting Art in its rightful place as a potent resource for youth empowerment, sociocultural and national development, whilst promoting Art by Africans Worldwide." - Founder ARTMAZON™ 

"It is a thing of great interest to observe how contemporary African ART fits naturally in modern and classic space, enhancing with complementing beauty and elegance." 

ARTMAZON provides an online gallery and a platform for African artists who wish to present their works to Buyers and Collectors on an International Platform. Our goal is to represent talented African artists from Africa and around the world, helping them achieve success in one of the most exciting, dynamic and challenging areas of the global art scene.







Africa has a rich artistic tradition, with artists whose work rivals the great masters of European art. Yet the assumption may still prevail that African art is the product of “tribal workshops,” guided by neither genuine aesthetic principles nor independent artistic sensibilities.

'THE MASTERS' category on ARTMAZON.com aims to correct this oversight with a comprehensive listing of the most significant collections from Master Artists of Nigerian origin and their counterparts from other African countries and in the diaspora.

If you think a particular Artwork should be listed in this section, please email us to add the ArtWork. Email: [email protected]